Kirk Nurock orchestrated for Dizzy Gillespie and Leonard Bernstein, conducted a work for twenty voices
          and three canines at Carnegie Hall, and won a scholarship at age 16 awarded by Duke Ellington.    

          "A composer-pianist who has always defied categorization"  - Village Voice        
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Now  playing  "STILL AT SEA"  by  K. Nurock    Theo Bleckmann,  Miles Griffith,  Judy Niemack,  Janis Siegel,  voices.   
Prod. by Don Sickler at Van Gelder Studios.   Don Sickler, flügel; Billy Hart, drums; Cameron Brown, bass; Nurock, pno
Solos: Miles Griffith, Judy Niemack.                  (To turn off, press pause in lower L corner)
(above) In a concert of Kirk's works:
Kyoko Kitamura, Jay Clayton, Janis Siegel, Theo Bleckmann, Miles Griffith
          photo: Maureen Sickler

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